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“Photography is life, frozen in time. Images that are special simply because they can’t be duplicated naturally. Ever again. Life and it’s experiences inspire me because we all go through many different experiences because we live different lives, and live in different places. And for me the purpose of photography is to bring a new perspective and world to the public. Traveling to different lands and time periods just by opening a book, or using the internet.” -T. Denise


Tiarah Denise is a photographer based out of Boston, MA, a city she has lived in all her life. During her years at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High school, and Boston College where she minored in Studio Arts, she learned the basics of black and white photography. In 2010 she officially started and found her niche in photography and it has developed into what it is today. She loves to photograph various subjects, but her interest is in capturing moments between people. Capturing the love in her couples, engagement, and maternity shoots is her favorite, along with catching those candid moments.

Tiarah Denise is a visual artist. She believes sharing her experiences and perception through her photographs are important. Regardless of living a life different than the next person, it is her opinion that everyone should have a chance to view the world from another set of eyes. As a mother and creative woman who refuses to be boxed in, she believes self expression is very important and that our individual stories are to be shared. She is here to do this with her work and hopes to inspire others to do the same.


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